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Does Someone You Care About Need an Alcohol Rehabilitation Program?

Drinking alcohol is so acceptable that it’s sometimes hard to tell when someone’s gone too far. But if they don’t get the help they need when it’s needed, the consequences of alcohol abuse could ruin your life.

Here’s how you can tell it’s time for alcohol rehab:

  • You automatically head for the beer or other alcohol when you come home from work.
  • You head for the liquor cabinet or the refrigerator when you’re under stress.
  • You start drinking alone, or always make sure there are others around you who are drinking so you can drink too.
  • You hide the fact that you’re drinking, or that you’re drinking a lot.
  • You don’t stop drinking even though it’s causing problems with your family, friends or at work or school.
  • You think about drinking, a lot.
  • You can’t control how much you drink.

Whether you are seeing these things in yourself or in someone you love,
it’s time to get help before things get even worse.

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What are the Physical Signs and Symptoms of Alcohol Abuse?

The physical signs and symptoms of alcohol abuse are pretty obvious to both the drinker and those close to them.

Here’s what to look for:

When you see these signs, it is definitely time to do something. These alcoholism symptoms can become worse and worse and can result in very serious illness.

Many people who have done a lot of drinking develop liver problems and other serious illness, like diabetes.

The lists of symptoms above are not going to happen unless someone really does have a drinking problem. They are not symptoms that a person has had a little too much to drink. These are actually symptoms of alcoholism. And they are dangerous.

Don’t let alcoholism ruin your life. Get started on an alcohol rehabilitation program today!

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