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Does At Home Drug Rehabilitation Treatment Work?

Most people who try to get off drugs without professional help don’t make it. However, it’s not impossible. Here’s what you have to watch out for if you’re going to try it.

First of all, there’s a difference between addiction and dependency. Addiction is complex, and there are many reasons behind it that have nothing to do with the body.

Dependency, on the other hand, is more physical. The body has gotten used to the drug and is at the point where simply quitting creates problems.

However, if you’re dependent, rather than addicted, there’s a greater chance of at-home treatment working, with the help of your doctor.

Why do you need the doctor? There are some drugs that can cause very serious symptoms when you quit. Some of the symptoms are even life-threatening.

So, the first step is to go to the doctor and find out what he has to say about getting off the particular drug you want to stop.

He might suggest one of the following:

  • Regularly reducing the dosage so there’s no shock to the body. He might suggest reducing by a very small fraction of what you’re taking now so it takes several weeks or even months to get off the drug completely.
  • Just quitting. Period. He may not anticipate any problems at all. However, you should always go to the doctor or the emergency room in a hospital if you do start having some physical problems – even if they’re mild. Just because they’re mild now, doesn’t mean they’re going to stay that way.
  • Going to a detox center where there is medical help available while you get the drugs out of your system. It takes a while to totally flush them out, but you want to stay in the detox facility with the medical staff until you at least get you to the point where you are no longer sick without the drugs. Depending on the drug, that might take a week or two. With some drugs, it could be longer.
  • Go to a drug rehab facility that will get you through the detox / withdrawal period, if you haven’t already done that, but then will work with you on the reasons behind the addiction so you can change your life and no longer need drugs.

Unfortunately, different doctors have different opinions about this subject. Some will tell you to just quit and cut down the amount you’re taking over the next week or two, and others will tell you to reduce the dosage in tiny amounts and take months to get completely off them.

They’re not both right. Plus, detox and withdrawal isn’t the same experience for everyone.

For that reason, I would suggest you get more than one opinion from doctors. And you should also check with a good drug rehab counselor or a treatment center that has experience with hundreds or thousands of similar situations.

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