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Methadone Addiction: A Deadly Substitute for Real Treatment

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How Does Methadone Addiction Start?

Many former heroin addicts who wanted to get off heroin opted for methadone treatment. They are usually told they’ll be taking methadone for a short time and then will get tapered off on the dose and, eventually, be drug free.

But most of them are just parked on methadone. Sometimes for years, or their entire life. And getting off the drug can be almost impossible – it is so hard to stop taking, many drug detox and rehab facilities won’t even take you as a client if you’re taking anything other than 20 to 40 mg. And most people on a methadone program are taking at least 80 mg.

Others start methadone as a pain reliever. But now they’ve traded being in pain for being a drug addict. They now wish they’d never made that decision – living with pain wasn’t anywhere near as bad as living as a drug addict. And sometimes they’re not even getting the pain relief they need. For many, there are real solutions to the cause of the pain – treatment that will find the reason you’re in pain and fix things. And there is definitely a solution to methadone addiction.

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Have You Tried Drug Rehab and It Didn’t Work for You?

Many people on methadone treatment tried drug rehab before and it didn’t work for them. Generally, this is not because drug rehab is unsuccessful, but many drug rehab programs are short or just not good enough to get down to the bottom of why a person is addicted and then ensure they’re set up so they won’t go back on drugs when they leave the drug rehab facility.

Also, some people wind up on methadone treatment because they didn’t finish their heroin rehab program. Again, this is probably because of the program. Either the heroin addict couldn’t get through withdrawal, or the proper drug rehab steps after withdrawal were not implemented.

Consequently, they think drug rehab doesn’t work when it actually does. But, again, it has to be a good program – with a high success rate to prove it.

What If I Never Tried Drug Rehab and Went Straight onto Methadone Treatment?

Drug detox and drug rehab can still work for you. Some people who want to get off heroin are told taking methadone will be easier than going to rehab. But then their problem is methadone addiction, not heroin addiction.

How Did Methadone Treatment Start?

The original reason for methadone treatment was not to get someone on a drug that was less addictive than heroin. It was basically sanctioned methadone was legal, so you weren’t going to wind up in trouble, as with heroin. Also, it didn’t have many of the problems associated with taking an illegal drug – you drink it or take a pill, so getting HIV by sharing needles or using dirty needles isn’t an issue.

It’s also a lot less expensive than other prescription painkillers, or heroin.

Regardless, the person just traded his heroin addiction for methadone addiction.

It was a compromise that looked good at the time, but turned out to be a problem more serious than heroin addiction.

Can I Quit Taking Methadone Through Drug Rehab?

Yes, but very few drug rehab facilities will accept someone with a methadone addiction, and those that will won’t accept even an 80 milligrams/day habit. For someone taking hundreds of milligrams/day, there was no hope at all.

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What If I’m on Methadone for Pain?

You can still get off methadone if you’re using it as a painkiller. One thing you should know is that it has now been proven that after a period of time methadone and other painkillers can stop being effective as pain relievers and actually start causing pain. Whatever was causing your original pain might not be an issue anymore – you may not have had a chance to find out if the pain is still there because each time you try to stop taking methadone you suffer. But the pain you’re suffering from then could be from withdrawal, not the original pain that caused you to take the drug.

There’s also the possibility that the pain could be handled with other therapies – chiropractic, physical therapy or acupuncture, for example.

But the pain caused by taking pain relievers can only be addressed by getting off the drugs.

There’s a good chance that, eventually, methadone won’t be giving you the pain relief you need. But you’ll still be saddled with methadone addiction and will have trouble stopping.

The best thing to do is get off methadone treatment through drug detox and drug rehab, and then deal with the pain in other ways. For most people, there are several alternatives available.

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