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How Can I Tell If My Kid is On Drugs?

parents with son on drugsA lot of parents suspect that their son or daughter might be taking drugs and might need drug addiction treatment, but they’re not sure.

Sometimes parents don’t say anything to their kids about it – not wanting to upset them or make them think they’re not trusted. And some parents deal with it head on – they ask. But, often, the kids say no, they are not using drugs. And then give excuses for the way they’re acting – the reasons why they thought their kids might be on drugs. They say they’re just tired, or they’re stressed about exams, or they’re not feeling well and might have a touch of the flu. There’s any number of excuses.

When it comes to drugs, it’s not unusual for kids to lie to their parents – even when they really get along well and seem to have open communication. Even when they’ve told you they will never lie to you, even if they don’t seem to have lied to you in the past, there’s still a good chance they will lie to you about drugs. It happens in all types of families – good and bad.

Kids take drugs for an average of two years before their parents find out. And sometimes their secret is discovered when parents suddenly find themselves having to take their kids to the hospital for an overdose, accident or injury.

What Can Happen If I Don’t Do Something About My Kids Taking Drugs?

You often see newspaper stories about high school kids who ‘suddenly’ die from an overdose of some drug – often a prescription drug like OxyContin. Or it might be club drugs like Ecstasy. As it turns out, things weren’t as sudden as they seemed to be – their kids might have been taking drugs for two years, and the parents didn’t have a clue there was even a problem.

Had the parents known about the problem, they could have gotten their child into drug addiction treatment before disaster hit.

Of course, this isn’t going to happen to all kids. But, truthfully, you never know. That’s the problem – you never really know.

So, if you want to keep your child safe and get them into drug treatment immediately if there’s a problem, it’s important to know what to look for.

Signs That Your Kid is On Drugs

Not all kids will exhibit all these signs – there could be lots of reasons for them, not all of them mean someone is taking drugs – but if they exhibit ANY of them, there is a possibility they are taking drugs. And even if there’s just a slim possibility, you should investigate further.

  • They have change their sleeping or eating pattern
  • They’ve stopped hanging out with their old friends
  • They have new friends, but won’t introduce you to them or bring them to the house
  • Their new friends came to the house and you just feel there’s something strange about them – trust your instincts!
  • They’ve lost interest in school or their grades are slipping
  • Extra curricular activities that used to mean a lot to them are no longer important
  • They’re not communicating as much as they used to
  • They’re still communicating, but it doesn’t make as much sense and sometimes they just can’t seem to stop talking
  • They’re nervous, fidgety, or anxious
  • They’re complaining about you as parents when they haven’t complained before and the household seems perfectly happy – the same as always
  • They go out and don’t tell you where they’re going – or they’re vague about it
  • Someone tells you that your kid is taking drugs – they may not be right, but they shouldn’t be ignored
  • Mood changes – one minute, or day, they’re happy, even giddy, and the next, they’re depressed and withdrawn.
  • They need more money than usual
  • Their speech pattern has changed or they slur their words
  • Their eyes are bloodshot, red, or look irritated
  • They’re using breath mints or burning candles (candles absorb odors)
  • He or she is less interested in keeping themselves looking nice and keeping the things they own in good condition
  • They’ve been in trouble with the law or with authority figures like teachers, parents, and so on.
  • You just feel like their lying about something
  • Medicines, prescription or non-prescription drugs, are missing from the medicine cabinet or there seems to be less of them than there should be
  • They’ve started smoking cigarettes.

There’s nothing worse for a parent than thinking their son or daughter might be in danger. If kids are on drugs, they are in danger.

Call us if you even suspect there’s a problem. We can help you determine if there is a problem or not, and figure out what to do about it if there is.

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