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Drug Rehab in Florida Can End Prescription Drug Addiction Epidemic

The number of deaths in Florida from prescription drugs is on the rise. In fact, an analysis of autopsies performed in 2007 showed that prescription drugs caused three times the number of deaths as illegal drugs. Although the deaths would have occured in a variety of situations, there’s no doubt that many involved prescription drug addiction and those people may still be alive today if they have gotten into a drug rehab in Florida.

One of the things that makes prescription drugs so dangerous is that people think they’re safe. They don’t expect to die from something prescribed by a doctor (even if it wasn’t prescribed for them) and they don’t expect to develop a prescription drug addiction and end up in drug rehab. Florida, fortunately, has more drug addiction treatment centers than any state other than California or New York. So, there’s plenty of help available.

It’s important to understand these drugs and to make sure that others do as well. If you know someone who might have a problem with prescription drug addiction, make sure you get them into one of the many facilities the offer drug rehab in Florida so they can get help.