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Should People Be Able To Force Drug Rehab on Their Relatives?

Three years ago, a 29 year old girl named Jennifer Blair died from an overdose of painkillers. She had started using drugs 13 years before her death, and quickly became addicted. Her mother, Sharon, tried to get her daughter to get help, but Jennifer refused. Now Sharon Blair has lobbied for The Jennifer Act – a new law that will allow relatives to force addicts in their family into drug rehab.

Sharon and her two daughters lived in Clearwater, Florida at the time of Jennifer’s death. But, afterwards, mom and her remaining daughter moved to Indiana.

In Indiana, they’ve already passed the bill. Now Sharon’s working on Florida.

Florida currently has a law that enables someone to force a relative into detox, but that’s only for 72 hours. That’s a far cry from a good drug rehab program – which can take months. In fact, it wouldn’t even get some people through the detox process.

Sharon wants to get the law passed throughout the U. S. Sharon sees it as a form of drug intervention.

But there are other options – real drug intervention being the main one. While it’s true that a lot of people deny they have an alcohol or drug problem or simply refuse to get treatment, a good interventionist can usually turn that around and get the person to get into rehab.  That way, you don’t have to get your family involved with the law. Much more pleasant.

A lot of people are going to be screaming about this – some people are of the opinion that taking drugs, or not, is a personal choice and that no one has the right to interfere with that no matter what the consequences on themselves or others.

But I doubt you’re going to get too many parents objecting to this law, especially if they’ve had a child die or get into serious trouble with drugs.

What do you think?