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Synthetic Marijuana Is Dangerous – And Not What You’d Expect!

synthetic marijuanaOne of the problems with synthetic marijuana and other synthetic drugs is that you never know what you’re going to get and what effect it’s going to have on you.

For example, a New Orleans bakery recently sold their customers Kings Cakes – the traditional cake baked for the January Three Kings Day, celebrated primarily in Louisiana and Latin America – laced with synthetic marijuana. Read more

Dangerous Party Drugs To Warn Your Kids About

party 123 dwphotosKids have to be careful taking drugs – often they don’t even know what they’re really getting. This is about ecstasy – a very dangerous party drug. Here’s why.

Here’s a sampling of what came out of a study – a series of interviews with people who had taken Ecstasy at parties, as well as blood tests, and analysis of the content of the drugs. Read more

Krokodil – Russia’s Deadliest Drug Hits the U.S.

krokodilI don’t know if there’s anything more frightening than synthetic drugs. Bought, sold and used legally until the law catches up with them, drugs like Nazi crank, Special K, skunk, Salvia, K2, Spice, bath salts, and now, Krokodil, all give a high somewhat similar to actual drugs. But they also contain dangerous chemicals – like gasoline, paint thinner, and on and on – that do everything from drive people insane to rot their body. And quickly. Krokodil, possibly the worst of them, at least for the physical effects, has now made its way from Russia to the U.S., and is already wreaking havoc. Learn about this drug!

Since its arrival in the U.S. in September (as near as anyone has figured out yet), it’s already killed at least one person that we know of and, last weekend, 5 people were hospitalized for the effects. All of them were told they were buying heroin. The doctor who treated them said “It’s a zombie drug — it literally kills you from the inside out. If you want way to die, this is a way to die.”

The person who already has died, in Oklahoma, also didn’t know what he was buying. He lost most of his skin before he died.

Krokidil is a homemade version of Desomorphine, supposedly 8 to 10 times more potent than morphine. Homemade Krokodil has a high similar to heroin, but the effects lasts only 90 minutes compared to heroin’s 4 to 8 hours. It takes about 30 minutes to rustle up a new batch. It usually includes ingredients such as:

  • codeine (extracted from over the counter drugs)
  • or some other opiate, along with paint thinner
  • gasoline
  • hydrochloric acid
  • iodine
  • lighter fluid
  • the red phosphorous from matchbox strike pads
  • and maybe a few other chemicals you might have around the house.

Cook it up, inject it into a vein – without any kind of purification – and you’re high for 90 minutes.

Withdrawal symptoms start immediately after that 90 minutes. If you don’t have more of the ‘drug’, you’re in for one of the worst withdrawals. If you try to quit, it’s a month of almost unbearable pain. Someone in a medical drug rehab center would need plenty of help getting through it.

Krokodil is a very good reason for anyone, on any drug, to find an effective addiction program. Why? Because they can never really know what drug they’re taking. Just like the people who have already died or were hospitalized.

Even worse – maybe – is that some people will take it anyway. People who are already addicts and can’t afford heroin will be taking Krokodil, a very cheap substitute. And not even illegal.

Don’t let someone you care about risk their lives any longer. At Drug Rehab Referral, we can help you find the best drug rehab centers in the U.S. We can help you find the help you need. Call us now at 855-895-2090.

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Do You Need Drug Rehab for Incense or Bath Salts?

I recently read about a woman whose drugs of choice were herbal incense and bath salts. She was using these synthetic drugs regularly, getting high from them, and it was ruining her life. But she kept telling herself she was not an addict because she wasn’t using heroin, cocaine, meth, or any other ‘drug’ you would expect people to take. When she finally admitted her addiction, she got help in drug rehab and it changed her life.

What’s wrong with herbal incense and bath salts? They are both synthetic drugs that give a similar high to marijuana, cocaine, meth, and so on. But they aren’t illegal yet – except in a few places that have seen enough damage done by these substances to outlaw them. So, people justify taking them – telling themselves that if they’re not illegal then they must be safe.

They are anything but safe – it’s just that the law hasn’t caught up to them yet.

In fact, they’re often even worse than the drugs that are illegal because they are made with very dangerous chemicals toxic chemicals that no one has even fully tested – so, unlike the real ‘drugs’, you never know what’s going to happen.

There have been some real disasters with these types of drugs and people who formulate them and introduce people to them are just as bad as any cartel drug kingpin – maybe even worse.

If you here of any friends or family members using incense or bath salts, be aware that they don’t necessarily mean some innocent thing that will scent their home or their bath – they could be talking about something really dangerous! So, investigate a little further and, if it looks suspicious, get them into a drug rehab program.

Ecstasy Causes Even More Damage Than Thought!

If you’d like to know what really goes on at parties where kids bring drugs, here’s a glimpse of that world. I’m sure any parent witnessing something like this wouldn’t hesitate for a second to get their kid into drug rehab.

Australian researchers contacted party-goers who had taken MDMA (ecstasy) at least five times and got their permission to attend some parties.

While there, they measured the party goers’ blood levels of ecstasy every hour. Here’s what they discovered:

–  Half of the ecstasy pills contained other drugs – e.g. methamphetamine or chemicals like MDEA and MDA, which are related to MDMA.

–  Some “ecstasy” pills contained only other drugs – but no MDMA.

–  The dosage in each pill varied – from 25 mg to 250 mg.

–  Users blood levels of ecstasy (aka MDMA) increased every hour for the five hours they were tested. Despite this, users took the pills over and over again. Some took two pills, some as many as five.

–  In some of those at the party, the amount of ecstasy in their blood reached levels that cause injury or death in primates.

–  And last, but not least, the concentrations in some users’ blood was enough to cause brain damage.

Seven out of 100 twelfth graders admit to having taken ecstasy. Who knows how many didn’t want to fess up when they were asked. And what’s happening with the kids who are out of school.

One thing for sure, if your kid’s taking ecstasy, it’s a real crap shoot. Ecstasy has been associated with many injuries, and some deaths. Now that we have the above information, we know that the situation can get much worse. Do you think your kid takes ecstasy? Get them into a good drug rehab program.

Drug Overdoses Happen Without Warning

teens drinking and taking drugsThere are a lot of problems connected with using drugs – the dangers of the drugs themselves are just the beginning. Here’s one young man’s story. It may have had a far different ending had he done a good drug addiction rehabilitation program earlier. Read more

California Educates on Ecstasy. Prepare for More Drug Rehab, ER Visits and Deaths.

A news story this week said California is going to instruct people on the safe use of Ecstasy. Come on!! Not only is it going to send more people to drug rehab, not to mention that some users be trying to function in life in a state of enforced euphoria with their perception altered, society, families and individuals will be coping with the negative aspects of the drug.

What could you feel on Ecstasy other than all those warm, cuddly feelings?

A couple of things you can count on are increased heart rate and sweating – Ecstasy raises your body temperature. It’s easy to get dehydrated, especially since people tend to take Ecstasy at raves where the dance a lot. Many people have wound up in the hospital, and some dead, from dehydration and poisoning. The liver and kidneys just can’t handle it.

As if that weren’t enough, you may also experience some of the other common side effects.

Panic attacks
Stiff arms and legs
Jaw clenching and clamping
Excessive thirst
Muscle cramping
Blurry vision

When you’re coming down it is not uncommon to feel:

More anxiety
Physically and emotionally drained

It can also cause:

Impaired memory
Brain damage
Heart failure
Kidney failure

It also decreases serotonin production by 20 to 60%. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that facilitates the conduction of nerve impulses throughout the body and brain. It affects arousal, thermoregulation, mood, appetite, sleep and the perception of pain.

Low serotonin levels have been linked to aggression, irritability, eating disorders, sleep disorders and impulsivity.

What does all of this mean? That the person is going to feel they need more Ecstasy to feel good.  Which means more of the side effects above and a higher risk of impaired memory, brain damage, heart or kidney failure, high blood pressure, and so on.

In fact, what they needed to do in the first place is figure out why they didn’t feel good in the first place and do something about that. Which is exactly what will happen if they do a good drug rehab program.

So now California’s going to educate people at raves on how to take Ecstasy safely. As if anyone’s going to remember or care about any of that information once they’re high.

What a joke.

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