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Addiction Treatment Centers May Not See Much Salvia, But ERs Will.

There’s a new drug in town – a psychedelic called Salvia. So far, this herb is legal to buy, sell and use in all but 13 states. But other states are also looking at passing legislation that will put it in the same class as LSD.

The effects of Salvia are not completely unlike other psychedelic drugs – hallucinations, loss of motor control, out of touch with reality, some people have reported doing things like trying to ‘become one’ with things like chairs. Could be pretty painful. Read more about one person’s Salvia effects.

With such a lack of control, anyone taking this drug is obviously not safe.

Apparently, it’s not addictive but since addiction is as much a state of mind as anything physical, I wouldn’t be surprised if people ended up needing treatment for it.

The interesting thing about this drug is that medical reseachers feel it could be useful – some are actually calling it a miracle drug. They suspect it could lead to new treatments for new treatments for addiction, depression, cancer, HIV, and more.

How they’re going to harness it so it’s also safe is another story.

In the meantime, make sure you’re on the lookout for this drug and realize that anyone you know who is likely to experiment with it probably has no idea what they’re up against and could get into serious trouble.

In fact, if someone’s that desperate to change reality, they’re probably already taking drugs and should go to an addiction treatment center. If they get their personal issues resolved, they won’t be tempted by Salvia or any other drug.