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Performing May Help Prevent or Cure Drug and Alcohol Abuse

teen boy street dancingLooking at the number of performers we read about who drink and take drugs, it seems ironic that performing could help someone stay away from drugs and alcohol or be effective as a means for drug addiction rehabilitation. But one of the reasons some people drink and take drugs is to become more comfortable in social situations. They become less inhibited – they can talk to strangers, share their opinions, stand up for what they believe in, they seem to have more confidence. Can helping them handle these situations can keep them off alcohol or drugs when they’ve completed drug rehab? Or, better yet, stop them from taking them in the first place? Read more

‘Ask Amy’ Is Not an Expert on Drug Rehab and Addiction

Remember Dear Abby? Well, the Chicago Tribune has a similar column called “Ask Amy.” A person wrote in to ‘Amy’ recently asking for advice about their son, who is on and off on drugs. Unfortunately, Amy, who has no credentials in the area of drug addiction or drug rehab at all, told the mom what to do. Her advice could well destroy whatever’s left of the family, and who knows what will happen to the son. The right people to talk to are experienced drug rehab program professionals.

According to the parent, the son has gone to drug rehab. He goes for long stretches without drugs, then gets back into them and steals from the parents’ home. He had recently relapsed, stolen from the house again, and the parent wanted to know what to do.

Amy advised that the son not be allowed into the home at all “until he has passed a milestone of sobriety (several months).” Since it appears that he has already done that – per what the mother said – this advice is useless.

She also advised that, even once the son has been clean for several months – and she said the parents should have him drug-tested to check that – they should lock away anything valuable in their house, and should let all the family and friends know that the son is back on drugs and not to give him money.

In other words – dump the kid, he’s on his own. It’s not the parents’ problem.

Not once did she suggest the parents help in any way, or ask about the type of drug rehab the son went to. In fact, she didn’t ask anything at all. Not even an experienced drug rehab professional would give advice without asking questions to make sure they fully understand the situation.

The truth is this: The son needs help. And, unfortunately, there’s a good chance he didn’t get the help he needed through drug rehab. Many drug rehab facilities just don’t know how to keep people off drugs. They know how to dry them out, but they don’t know how to get down to the bottom of why the person is taking drugs, help them resolve those issues, or help them arrange whatever changes they’re going to have to make in their lives to stay off drugs once they’re out of rehab.

If the son did not attend a drug rehab program that thoroughly addresses these issues, the chances of him staying clean are very, very slim.

I really hope for the sake of this family that Amy’s advice is not followed.

It just goes to show how desperate parents can get – that they would ask for and take the advice of someone who is not an expert in the field.

If you want advice on how to handle your own son or daughter who’s on drugs or drinking, contact experienced drug rehab professionals, people who have helped thousands of people get off alcohol and drugs successfully. Addiction Help Services’ experienced counselors are always available to take your call and help you figure things out. Call them at 855-895-2090.