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Rapid Detox for OxyContin Addiction Dropped in Hospital

The Waissmann method of rapid detox, touted as a quick way to get someone through the withdrawal period of OxyContin addiction or addiction to other opiates, will no longer be offered at Garden Grove Hospital in California. The only other place it’s offered is in Israel. Someone new has taken over the hospital and rapid detox was one of the first things to go. Both the hospital and the doctors involved have been fined several times for negligence and at least a couple of rapid detox patients have died.  Regardless of fines, rapid detox by any method is dangerous and is usually not what it’s advertised to be.

OxyContin addiction is rampant and some people choose rapid detox to get off the drug. Unlike traditional methods of rehab offered in a drug addiction treatment center, rapid detox promises to get it over with quickly. The procedure itself is a matter of hours, but it often takes the patient weeks or month to recover from the procedure itself.

Also, there’s a lot more to addiction than the detox period. To stay off drugs, the addict also needs rehab treatment – which can take months. But it’s the best treatment available and has the highest rate of success.

At Garden Grove Hospital, rapid detox cost $15,000. There are many facilities that offer it for much less. But if it’s dangerous, and isn’t going to get rid of the addiction, and the patient is going to be sick for weeks or months afterwards, what’s the point of spending the money? Especially when they probably used this method primarily because they thought it was a quick fix.

There’s no really fast way to get someone through OxyContin addiction or, really, any other addiction. Long-term residential care in a drug addiction treatment center is really the best available. If you know someone who’s considering rapid detox, speak to a drug addiction specialist about it first. Make sure it’s someone who is knowledgeable about the different treatment models and doesn’t have a vested interest in rapid detox. Drug Rehab Referral has addiction specialists available 24/7 to answer your questions.