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Heroin-Type Drug Being Sold In Grocery Stores

There’s a new drug in town – and it’s falling between the cracks legally. It’s called dode or doda and it’s being sold openly in flea markets and grocery stores in Canada. It’s made with the husks and seeds of the poppy flower, which is where we get opium and heroin and, like heroin, it’s dangerous and anyone using it will probably need an addiction treatment center to help them quit.

Police in Toronto recently seized 27 kilograms of it, but because the way the drug is formulated falls into a grey area, they need to wait for adjudication from Health Canada, the equivalent of the FDA, to lay charges.

Bad scene. Obviously, being able to buy it just about anywhere gives it legitimacy but, worse, it may also lead people to think it’s safe.

Watch out for the stuff – if it’s in Canada, it’s probably also in the U.S. Especially in and near the border states. You might even want to check out a few flea markets and local stores to see if you can find any. If you do, let the police know.

And let us know, too, so we can warn people in the area about it.