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Krokodil – Russia’s Deadliest Drug Hits the U.S.

krokodilI don’t know if there’s anything more frightening than synthetic drugs. Bought, sold and used legally until the law catches up with them, drugs like Nazi crank, Special K, skunk, Salvia, K2, Spice, bath salts, and now, Krokodil, all give a high somewhat similar to actual drugs. But they also contain dangerous chemicals – like gasoline, paint thinner, and on and on – that do everything from drive people insane to rot their body. And quickly. Krokodil, possibly the worst of them, at least for the physical effects, has now made its way from Russia to the U.S., and is already wreaking havoc. Learn about this drug!

Since its arrival in the U.S. in September (as near as anyone has figured out yet), it’s already killed at least one person that we know of and, last weekend, 5 people were hospitalized for the effects. All of them were told they were buying heroin. The doctor who treated them said “It’s a zombie drug — it literally kills you from the inside out. If you want way to die, this is a way to die.”

The person who already has died, in Oklahoma, also didn’t know what he was buying. He lost most of his skin before he died.

Krokidil is a homemade version of Desomorphine, supposedly 8 to 10 times more potent than morphine. Homemade Krokodil has a high similar to heroin, but the effects lasts only 90 minutes compared to heroin’s 4 to 8 hours. It takes about 30 minutes to rustle up a new batch. It usually includes ingredients such as:

  • codeine (extracted from over the counter drugs)
  • or some other opiate, along with paint thinner
  • gasoline
  • hydrochloric acid
  • iodine
  • lighter fluid
  • the red phosphorous from matchbox strike pads
  • and maybe a few other chemicals you might have around the house.

Cook it up, inject it into a vein – without any kind of purification – and you’re high for 90 minutes.

Withdrawal symptoms start immediately after that 90 minutes. If you don’t have more of the ‘drug’, you’re in for one of the worst withdrawals. If you try to quit, it’s a month of almost unbearable pain. Someone in a medical drug rehab center would need plenty of help getting through it.

Krokodil is a very good reason for anyone, on any drug, to find an effective addiction program. Why? Because they can never really know what drug they’re taking. Just like the people who have already died or were hospitalized.

Even worse – maybe – is that some people will take it anyway. People who are already addicts and can’t afford heroin will be taking Krokodil, a very cheap substitute. And not even illegal.

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Photo: YouTube/embalmeris