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Avoid Car Crashes with Drug Rehab for Marijuana

Not too long ago I wrote a blog about more people being in drug rehab for marijuana than any other drug. Someone left a comment on the blog calling me an idiot, saying that those people were sent to drug rehab by the court system and that there really isn’t anything wrong with marijuana. In fact, there is plenty wrong with marijuana, and here’s another one: a new study shows that someone who’s been smoking marijuana is twice as likely to get into a car crash.

The study looked at the results of nine prior studies regarding the relationship between marijuana and motor vehicle accidents. All but one study showed that the risk of having a motor vehicle accident while smoking marijuana – i.e. within 3 to 4 hours – was increased by nearly three times. And the more marijuana was smoked – both how much was smoked and how often – the greater the risk.

The authors assume that the reason for this increase is because marijuana decreased reaction time and coordination.

So, why should you get your family members into a drug rehab program if they’re smoking marijuana?

  • We now know that there’s a much greater chance of them having a car accident.
  • There is evidence that it causes brain damage.
  • It causes disassociation – marijuana smokers are less connected to reality and the people around them.
  • Someone could unknowingly buy marijuana that is laced with other drugs.
  • We also know that the THC content (THC is the substance in marijuana that makes you high) is normally between 7.5 percent and 24 percent – whereas it used to be about 5 percent. This cause more physical and mental impairment, and more impaired judgment.
  • Impaired judgment could increase the chances of the person taking other types of drugs.

True, you don’t see some of the most obviously distasteful sights associated with other drugs – not too many people are hunkering down in filthy alley smoking marijuana. Maybe that’s why some people don’t think marijuana is a problem.

But the facts above are very good reasons to not smoke marijuana, and to get help for those who do.