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Can Sonic Drugs Lead to Addiction and Drug Rehab?

Here’s a new twist on buying drugs online – nothing gets sent in the mail, you just listen. That’s right, it’s called ‘sonic drugs’, ‘digital drugs’ or ‘i-dosing’. If that sounds harmless, think again. Someone experiencing digital drugs is likely to want to try the real thing, says a frequent i-doser who is currently in drug rehab for the real thing.

Does i-dosing actually have an effect on the brain like real drugs do? Absolutely.

A brain imaging expert, who studied the effects of i-dosing on one person’s brain said he could definitely see the brain firing more erratically. He also said that the part of the brain associated with having seizures became more active. He said it’s troubling.

There are thousands of videos on showing people’s reactions to sonic drugs. They are “twitching, screaming, appearing spaced out and confused.”

I watched several of them, and they look anything other than pleasant. I mean – this isn’t ‘music,’ it’s not kicking back to your favorite band, it’s electronic sound intended to stimulate certain reactions in the brain. And some of the reactions look really nasty.

Here’s what one video-poster had to say:

“My little brother tried the i-doser gate of hades because i was too scared to, and after about 15 minutes into it he started freaking out then he started balling his eyes out while he was still dosing.. but after a while he said “somebody help me” i turned off the camera and he ripped off the thing that was on his head and he was crying really bad i was hugging him trying to calm him down and he told me that a devil creature with horns was chasing him and pulled out a big knife and started stabbing his chest and took out his heart and held it in front of him. He only lasted 18 minutes though… THIS IS NOT FAKE”

Gates of Hades is one of the many i-doses you can listen to. You can also buy – that’s right, I said ‘buy’, minimum cost is about $7 a ‘hit’ – Hand of God, Death and others intended to mimic the effects of heroin, cocaine, and so on.

Can sound create that kind of effect? Of course – look at the scary movies you’ve seen. The thing that makes some of the scenes frightening isn’t necessarily what you see, it’s the sound track.

Same with romantic comedies. Does watching Tom Hanks walk through a park to see Meg Ryan make you cry? Nope. But it does if you have the right music playing. And, of course, if you’re susceptible to that sort of thing.

How about the Bourne movies? The soundtrack leaves you on the edge of your seat.

Those aren’t necessarily harmful. But when you tell someone to lie down, turn off the lights, and then shoot electronic sound waves designed to make someone experience ‘Death’, or ‘Gates of Hades’, that can also create seizures, you’re talking about something dangerous.

And it has nothing to do with whether or not the person will, later, take real drugs.

However, if the person i-dosing has a good experience – and, if they’re in really bad shape, even if the experience is bad – I can certainly see it leading to taking the real thing.

If you have kids, even kids in their late teens, early ‘20s, consider making websites that sell sonic drugs inaccessible on their computer. This new ‘high’ could be a bad trip. And if your kids are into drugs at all, get them into a drug rehab program asap. Get them to the point where they don’t want to experience those things, where they want to live and enjoy life without an altered mind.