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Can Obama Get Drug Companies Under Control?

It’s unfortunate that the Internet is a source of prescription drugs that cause addiction and are frequently abused, but getting drugs through the Internet, especially when they’re from other countries – like Canada – can be a very good thing for the public. As long as they have a prescription and everything is on the up and up, it provides a less expensive way of getting drugs that are really needed. Especially now, when we’re being gouged for every cent we’ve got to pay for medical expenses. I hope Obama’s plan to reform health care comes to fruition. makes his promised changes in reforming health care.

Part of Obama’s plan will keep drug companies from making the huge profits they currently enjoy. Of course, they do need a lot of money to pay out the millions of settlement dollars when they get sued because the drugs they’re pushing cause heart attacks or strokes (as with the current $894 million now being put out by Pfizer), prescription drug addiction (e.g. the $634 million fine for Purdue and their OxyContin fraud), and many, many others.

If they weren’t gouging us to up their profits, they’d probably be out of business.

I would hope Obama’s health care system reform will put some sanity back into the industry overall.  It’s a stretch – but wouldn’t it be great if drug companies would learn to function ethically and still be able to make some money?

If you’re being gouged with the prices of drugs, you might consider taking a look at whether or not they’re really necessary. Check with your doctor, or find one who will look for natural alternatives – especially if the drugs you’re taking are tranquilizers, sedatives, antidepressants, ADD and ADHD drugs, and possibly even painkillers. I’d like to know how many people are taking painkillers simply because their medical insurance doesn’t cover much else.

If you have trouble getting off the drugs, give Drug Rehab Referral a call. We can help you find a prescription drug rehab program that can help you get off them safely.