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New Mother of Meth Baby Charged With Assault

pregnant woman drinkingBabies are born as addicts every day because their mother was doing drugs while pregnant. The infants suffer in agony while doctors desperately try to get them through the pain and confusion of withdrawal. But last month was the first time a mother was charged with a crime for subjecting her child to that agony. Is that deserved? Read more

Is Drug Addiction Rehabilitation Safe for Expectant Mothers?

addicted babyExpectant mothers who take drugs or drink alcohol have a real problem – the possibility of their child being born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome or drug addiction. Of course, if a woman is in a position where it’s at all possible to get pregnant, they should get addiction help immediately so that if they do get pregnant, they don’t put their baby at risk. But the good news is that there are now drug addiction rehabilitation centers popping up that special in detoxing expectant mothers and getting them through drug rehab or other drug addiction treatment.

It can be very dangerous to detox from drugs or alcohol if you’re pregnant – detox isn’t easy on anyone, but for a fetus, it’s real touch and go. Having that much toxic poison (drugs and alcohol are both toxic poisons) go through their little bodies might be more than they can take. But in some cases it can be done safely.

You would think that any woman who understands Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) would avoid alcohol, or make sure they got off it well before they got pregnant. Here are some of the symptoms of FAS, from the Mayo Clinic website:

  • Distinctive facial features, including small eyes, an exceptionally thin upper lip, a short, upturned nose, and a smooth skin surface between the nose and upper lip
  • Deformities of joints, limbs and fingers
  • Slow physical growth before and after birth
  • Vision difficulties or hearing problems
  • Small head circumference and brain size (microcephaly)
  • Poor coordination
  • Mental retardation and delayed development
  • Learning disorders
  • Abnormal behavior, such as a short attention span, hyperactivity, poor impulse control, extreme nervousness and anxiety
  • Heart defects

As you can see, FAS ruins a child’s life. And having a child in that condition is also going to ruin the parents’ life.

Children born addicted to drugs also go through hell trying to withdraw. Anyone who’s ever tried to get off drugs will know how bad it can feel – and it’s medically dangerous. The fact that they were born addicted might also lead to medical problems in the future – they might have brain damage, for example.

Imagine how that would feel to a baby who has no idea of what’s going on, why that horrible pain is happening to them, why they also have that horrible drugged feeling – it’s not exactly the picture you want to see of little babies. You want them smiling and happy. Not screaming in agony.

If someone you care about is on drugs or alcohol and could get, or is, pregnant, get them into some kind of drug rehab program as soon as possible. But if they’re pregnant, make sure you find a drug rehab that knows how to deal with pregnancy. Very important.

If the person resists drug rehab, find some youtube videos of infants in hospitals going through withdrawal, or babies (and kids) with FAS.

That should motivate any prospective mother to do something about their own condition. It may seem harsh, but it’s not as bad as having your baby die or go through that hell. They’ll thank you for it later – when they get straight and healthy, and deliver a happy, healthy baby. Call us to find the right facility: 855-895-2090.