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FDA Approves Narcan (Naloxone) Nasal Spray

Narcon - Naloxone nasal spraySome drugs make you sick and some can save your life. Heroin and Naloxone are good examples of each – when someone overdoses on heroin, Naloxone may save their life. But having to go through the process of giving someone an intramuscular or subcutaneous injection isn’t necessarily easy or some people. Now the FDA has approved Naloxone in a nasal spray – which is much easier to administer. Read more

Neuroscientist Says Addiction Is Not a Brain Disease

brainHave you been wondering whether addiction is really a brain disease? Neuroscientist Mark Lewis recently wrote a blog in Huffington Post discussing his new book The Biology of Desire: Why Addiction is Not a Disease, offering excerpts of the book and other info on why he thinks addiction is not a disease. His blog was written in response to Nora Volkow’s recent post asserting the opposite. Volkow, also a neuroscientist and the director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), has been a major proponent and promoter of the ‘brain disease’ theory. Read more

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Off-Label Scripts of Cancer Drug Send Patients to Drug Rehab

Actiq - fentanylYou may have heard about a drug called Actiq – a berry-flavored lozenge on a stick that tastes and looks a bit like a lollipop. It was approved by the FDA for cancer patients but is being prescribed for everything from migraines to back pain, and has now found it’s way to the street. Actiq contains fentanyl, a highly-addictive drug 80 times more powerful than heroin or morphine. It is a very dangerous drug, and someone who’s using it should get into drug addiction rehabilitation as fast as possible. Here are the frightening statistics: Read more