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Will Tyrann Mathieu’s Career Be Ruined by Drugs?

Tyrann Mathieu’s story – fired from LSU, and now arrested on drug charges – is the perfect example of why to use a drug rehab referral service that can make sure a person gets into a drug rehab program that is right for their situation.

Tyrann, aka Honey Badger, had a pretty hard life in some ways. His father, a violent druggie who was also an athlete with star potential, went to prison when Tyrann was two. Tyrann’s mother couldn’t cope with being a single parent, so Tyrann went to live with his grandparents until he was five – when his grandmother died.

He then went to live with his uncle – a break for Tyrann. He went from the projects to an area with homes and backyards, had a chance to go to good schools, and so on. It was in these schools that his athletic prowess was first noticed.

But he and some friends also formed a ‘crew’ called Era Nation, which Sports Illustrated said was “made up of a dozen self-described athletes, rappers and songwriters.” Whatever else they were, they were trouble – partiers and druggies.

Over the years, as Tyrann’s career started to blossom, he stayed closely connected to Era Nation – a big mistake. Tyrann needed to take life a little more seriously, not hang out with a group of guys whose main purpose in life is to party and stay high.

After failing several drug tests, LSU fired him. Within two days a mentor who had helped other athletes with drug problems took him under his wing and put him into drug rehab.

He went through the program but relapsed when he got together with Era Nation. He was then arrested on drug-related charges with three former LSU teammates.

What went wrong?

First, the drug rehab program wasn’t nearly long enough – just a few short weeks.

Second, the counselors obviously did not address his connection with Era Nation – the group most likely to bring him down.

Had he been in a drug addiction treatment that was right for him, they would have been aware that Era Nation would be a big problem, and they would not have ‘graduated’ Tyrann from the program until they, and Tyrann, were confident that Tyrann would not be influenced by that group – however that had to be done.

Now we’ve got yet another fantastic athlete who might be going to jail, and whose career might be over. And he’s only 20.

If you want to make sure someone you care about does a drug addiction rehabilitation program that’s right for them and is really going to address the issues, call us at 855-895-2090.

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Did Michael Phelps ‘Let Down the World’?

By now just about everyone knows about Michael Phelps smoking marijuana. Or, at least, he was holding the pipe and we assume he was smoking it. Travis Tygart, chief executive of the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, said Phelps, “… let down the world.”  That’s a lot of pressure.

But I think this incident might be a blessing in disguise. People for whom he’s a role model have now gotten the message, straight from Phelps, that using drugs is not acceptable.

As there’s a very good chance that many people who admire Phelps take drugs themselves, this might act as a deterrent. They may never have known or even thought about Phelps’ stand on drugs – now they know.

I hope they’re not too jaded to think he apologized and expressed his regrets just to make himself look good to his sponsors, the Olympic Committee, and so on.

When I was about his age I quit smoking because someone I very much admired did a lot of research on it and concluded it was very unhealthy. I smoked like a furnace before that. So did she. It had never really occurred to me to quit – that was quite a few years ago, long before it became such a big issue – until she did.

Maybe someone out there who smokes marijuana, who never really considered there was anything wrong with it, might have a second look at it in light of Phelps admitting it was stupid.

Maybe someone who takes other drugs might even be influenced to get help through an addiction treatment center.

All in all, this incident may do more good than harm.

More High School Athletes on Prescription Drugs

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