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New Mother of Meth Baby Charged With Assault

pregnant woman drinkingBabies are born as addicts every day because their mother was doing drugs while pregnant. The infants suffer in agony while doctors desperately try to get them through the pain and confusion of withdrawal. But last month was the first time a mother was charged with a crime for subjecting her child to that agony. Is that deserved? Read more

New Law Might Help Save Your Kids!

funeralOnce again we run into a young man who committed suicide while on drugs, with his parents legally powerless to get him the help he needed.

In this case, the family lost their 22-year-old son, Mark Garafoli. His parents checked him into rehab for drug addiction rehabilitation over and over again. And, every time, he checked himself out. He was over 18 and had a legal right to do so, and his parents had no legal right to do anything about it. The last time he checked himself out of rehab was two weeks before he died. Read more