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Taking Up Drums Could Prevent Mental Health Problems, Make You Smarter, and Keep You Off Drugs

If you, your children, other family members or friends are suffering from the set of symptoms known as ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and don’t view prescription drugs that are similar to cocaine, speed, and other dangerous and addictive street drugs as the solution, taking up the drums might be a better option.

It’s a bit of a mystery to me how one can justify giving Ritalin, which is legal cocaine, to children who tend to: Read more

Family Dinners Reduce Kids’ Chances of Alcohol and Drug Use

family dinnerFamily plays a big part in whether or not kids get on drugs and drink alcohol. If parents educate themselves and their kids about drugs, for example, the kids are 50 percent less likely to get involved in drugs than kids who don’t have that advantage. But another aspect of family life that makes a huge difference is whether or not kids eat with their parents. In fact, the more often they do, the lower the chances of them taking drugs, and even being associated with those who do. Let’s look at the research.

This is from a survey conducted a few years ago by The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University.
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Can Carly Fiorina Help the U.S. Drug Addiction Problem?

police with parentAs we all know, Carly Fiorina is running for President of the U.S.  I’m not going to discuss all the pros and cons of her winning the election, but there is one pro that warrants a close look: She’s been through the worst of it with alcohol and drug addiction in her family, has a personal understanding of it, and, I believe, a sincere desire to get people through drug addiction rehabilitation.

According to a recent New York Post article , written by Fiorina, her step-daughter Lori died from alcohol and drug addiction.

According to her article, the problem seems to have started with alcohol. Fiorina didn’t say when Lori started drinking, but she did say that she and her husband were worried that Lori was drinking too much while in college. But they didn’t think of it as addiction.
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An Addict’s Life – Day to Day

alcoholicI recently read an article by a former alcoholic about what he doesn’t miss about drinking. It’s a very interesting take on what living as an addict – whether the problem is alcohol or drugs – is really like.

Here are a few points he made. Read more

Hopelessness and Helplessness – Your Own Worst Enemies

Mom & SonsI recently read interviews with several people who have addiction in their family. Many of them said they feel hopeless and helpless.

It’s understandable that when someone tries to improve a situation – especially something as serious and potentially dangerous as drug addiction – and continually fails, they are going to get discouraged.

But to get to the point of feeling hopeless and helpless rather than just ‘temporarily discouraged’, is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. As long as you believe there is no hope or no help, you’re not going to be of much use to anyone – least of all to the person who needs help.

The fact is, there is hope, and there is help. Read more

Marijuana Is Far From Harmless

MarijuanaA recent study showed that 40% of high school kids have triedmarijuana. Many are probably not using it enough to need drug rehab yet, but, still, nearly one out of two is a lot of kids, and many who start with marijuana move on to other drugs.

Who’s most likely to NOT use marijuana? Read more

Early Good Habits May Prevent Alcohol Abuse in Later Years

happy alcohol-free familyA recent study found that whether or not an adult turns to alcohol to relieve stress depends on whether or not they did that as a kid, and how early they started. Parents who instill good habits in their kids may avoid the horror of their kids becoming alcoholics – which means both the parents and the kids are much more likely to live longer, healthier lives that aren’t fraught with constant stress and worry. Read more

Warning Addicts About the Dangers of Drugs is Not Enough

parents and sonI recently read an article about a woman whose 20-year-old son was shot and killed when he was trying to buy OxyContin. He had been addicted for several years and, according to his mother, he was unaware of the potential consequences. His mother also said she tried to help him, but he ‘wasn’t ready’. And that he didn’t think his addiction was ‘so bad’. Now, he’s dead. Her warning to other parents: educate your children on the dangers of drugs. But parents need to do a lot more than that. Read more

Deadly Drug and Alcohol Abuse in College – What Can We Do?

drunk studentsThis morning I’ve been reading about problems with alcohol and drugs with college students. One story after another about kids dying from binge drinking, kids dead or on medical leave because of overdoses, accidents, injuries, even rapes It just goes on and on. Some schools have gone from being No. 1 party schools to strict rules about drugs and drinking.Even dry schools have the problem. If parents aren’t going to make sure their kids do an alcohol or drug addiction rehab program before sending them to college, what can the schools do to change the situation? I have some suggestions. Read more

Success from Drug and Alcohol Intervention

drug and alcohol interventionSome people have the idea that getting an interventionist to help get a friend or family member into drug addiction rehab is a drastic measure – uncomfortable for all concerned and, perhaps, too invasive. But alcohol and drug addiction are life-threatening situation. Is doing something that is going to save the life of someone you care about really too invasive? Read more