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OxyContin Addiction Forcing Babies into a Painful and Horrible Beginning of Life

Imagine being in the birthing section of a hospital with 20 babies, 5 of whom are being fed morphine by nurses who are listening to the babies’ “frenetic, high-pitched cries, an unrelenting and inconsolable wail that indicates a baby going through withdrawal,’ and watching over them for fever, tremors, rashes and sweat gathering on their necks and brows. That’s what happens to the children of mothers who were suffering from OxyContin addiction – or addiction to other opioid painkillers, but those containing oxycodone are the main ones – while they were pregnant.

That’s the story of what’s happening in one hospital in Ontario, Canada. In 2003-4, there were 171 babies born addicted (that the government is aware of). And in 2010-11, that number had skyrocketed to 654! But the situation is not isolated to Ontario, or to Canada. More and more babies are being born to opioid-addicted mothers than ever before in the U.S. as well.

If you’re trying to convince your daughter to stop drinking or taking drugs (I mention drinking because babies born to alcoholic mothers go through even worse side effects, and they are rarely able to live a normal life), take her to a hospital where infants are going through withdrawal. Let her see the effect.

I’m sure that if a woman saw that, it would get her into drug rehab pretty quick.

Also, if you want to deter your daughter from experimenting with drugs – do the same thing. They have to be aware of the consequences, and the consequences have to be pretty dire.

Daughters might say ‘That’s not going to happen to me. I would never do that.” And so on.

Okay – so does that mean that all the women that have had this experience actually intended to do so? Nope. There are very few people who intend to get addicted when they experiment with drugs. And unexpected pregnancies do happen – especially when someone’s on drugs or alcohol.

And OyxContin addiction doesn’t only happen to people who are experimenting. A person could injure themselves and get addicted even when they took the painkillers exactly as prescribed by the doctor.

The remedy for that is to get off the drugs as soon as possible. Find another solution to the pain – acupuncture, herbal remedies, see a healthcare practitioner who knows about natural, non-addictive solutions.

Don’t let any babies in your life go through that hell. Get your daughter into OxyContin rehab, or rehab for whatever drugs, or alcohol, she needs. She’ll thank you, and so will her baby.

Drug Rehab Admissions Inspired by the Death of Amy Winehouse

It’s impossible to make up for the loss of a loved on, but it is possible to make something good happen because of their death. And that’s what’s happening in the UK now because of the tragic death of Amy Winehouse. More people are checking into drug rehab centers than ever.

Some phones are ringing off the hook – people look at what happened to Amy and know they have to do something about themselves if they want to make sure the same doesn’t happen to them.

I believe this indicates some sort of change in the alcohol/drug climate. In years past, kids knew that celebrated musicians and artists took drugs, and that drugs killed them. Parents, in an effort to discourage their kids from taking drugs, would use these celebrities as examples – especially those the kids admired and wanted to emulate.

However, many kids had the viewpoint that what made these celebrity musicians great was the drugs. And the kids wanted to be great, too, so they also wanted to take drugs.

In some cases, the fact that those musicians were now dead didn’t seem to get through. Maybe the fact that they were young, still feeling invincible, and hadn’t had much experience with death in their family or with friends, made the death part of the situation somewhat unreal to them. As other kinds of danger are to many young people.

If Amy Winehouse’s death causes more people to seek out an alcohol or drug rehab program that can straighten them out, she can add that to her legacy.

Still, she’s gone. And her death is a lesson to parents all over the world – don’t let the same thing happen to your kids.