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House Votes on Synthetic Drugs

When I was much younger I thought that if something that got you high was legal then it must be safe. After all, if it wasn’t safe the government would ban it, right? Or restrict it in some way. But nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, some of the ‘legal’ drugs people are using are not only sending the users to drug rehab, they’re also making them go crazy.

A person using ‘bath salts’, for example, stabbed a priest. Another, also using bath salts, jumped from a third-story window.

I think a lot of people still think that the substances they’re using are safe if they’re legal. Same with prescription drugs. Most people think that if a doctor would prescribe a drug, then it, too, must be safe.

The truth of the matter is that people are inventing synthetic drugs all the time, and many people are getting hurt before anyone figures out what’s going on, and before the government catches up and actually makes the substance illegal, or illegal under certain circumstances.

What are these ‘legal’ drugs?

They have some pretty strange names – bath salts, K2, Spice, Meow Meow, Molly’s Plant Food, 2C-E – and there are plenty more.

They sound pretty innocent. But as you can see from the bath salts examples, that’s not the case.

It’s hard to believe there are people around who would do this – invent these substances that make people crazy, then pass them around, and sell them, with no concern about how much damage they’ll do.

One biochemist named Alexander Shulgin, a PhD from the University of California, Berkeley and former research chemist at the Dow Chemical Company, re-discovered the synthesis for MDMA (Ecstasy) in 1976 and is ‘credited’ with making it popular. He also published the syntheses for more than 170 designer drugs of his own invention. He was a school teacher, so was his wife.

Thanks, doc.  Perhaps your intentions were good, but it didn’t work out in the end. Did it?

Fortunately, the government has caught up with a few of these drugs. A few days ago the House voted to classify several synthetic drugs as Schedule 1. That’s so restrictive that even researchers will have a hard time getting them. Perhaps it’s better that way. Haven’t we proven that drugs are not the answer to life’s problems?

Watch out for these drugs.  And if someone you care about is into drugs at all, get them into a good drug rehab program that will put an end to any desire they have to continue taking them. Really, that’s the only guarantee that their lives will not be ruined.


More Weird Side Effects from Prescription Drugs

Great – now we’ve got drugs that cause addictive behavior. And I’m not talking about an inherently addictive drug like OxyContin or Xanax. The specific drug in question here is Mirapex, used to treat Parkinson’s Disease, and it can cause addictive behaviors like gambling and compulsive eating.

It’s true, a lot of drugs save lives. But there are so many successful methods, other than drugs, for dealing with many of our problems. Pain can be addressed with certain nutrients and natural analgesics (and if you have to get into drugs you can certainly find some a lot less dangerous than things like OxyContin – OxyContin abuse has probably put more people into a drug treatment center than heroin (of course, OxyContin IS heroin, so what can we expect?)

And you can also get physical therapy, chiropractic, or acupuncture – which I understand does wonders for pain. My father got over debilitating hip pain in just two acupuncture sessions. And it’s never come back!

There are also nutrients and natural remedies to address depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, and any number of things. These three can often even be addressed by just doing some exercise. But, instead, we put up with drugs, their outrageous side effects, and the possibility of drug overdoses, interactions, reactions, and so on.

What a mess.

A large percentage of people going into a drug treatment center program these days have a problem with prescription drugs – and they often started out by being prescribed the drugs by their doctors.

In some European countries, where people are much healthier than Americans, there is far more emphasis on natural remedies and prevention. Hopefully, Obama’s new health care plan will address some of these issues.

In the meantime … if you’re having trouble coming off a drug like painkillers, anti-anxiety or depression meds and would like to see if you can resolve your problems without them, contact us to find out if there’s a drug treatment center that can help you.

Prescription Drug Addiction in Utah – How Can They Get Help?

Officials are concerned about Utah’s non-medical use of prescription painkillers. As of the DEA’s last report (in 2007) the problem was worse in Utah than anywhere in the country. In the same year, far more people in Utah died from prescription drugs than from street drugs. A new task force is being formed to fight the problem.  But what can a person in Utah with a prescription drug addiction or abuse problem do about it now?

The Utah Attorney General, Mark Shurtleff, said the problem is partly due to the Mormon church’s attitude towards drugs. He says that while the church discourages the use of street drugs (as well as alcohol and tobacco), it is more liberal about prescription drugs.

I’ve heard others say that the Mormon culture is also part of the problem – several people have portrayed Mormon culture as one that discourages people from discussing their personal problems.

I’m not a Mormon and I don’t know whether or not that’s true. And I’m certainly not about to criticize Mormonism or any other religion for that matter.

But being able to discuss your problems is vital to preventing drug addiction. If someone is unhappy in life, with their job or their marriage, if they’re confused, are fearful or doubtful, and they don’t get the chance to talk about it and work out solutions to their problems, those things are just going to gnaw away at them.

That makes them susceptible to addiction. They may even be introduced to a drug through their doctor because of an accident or injury. Then, when they find out that it also provides some temporary (although dangerous) relief to that gnawing, they want to keep on taking it.

They may also have friends that are taking painkillers, sedatives, tranquilizers, sleeping pills and so on and may be offered some. They’re going to jump at the chance.

Prescription drug addiction – or addiction to any drug, alcohol, etc. – is a sign that something’s going on in a person’s life that needs to be addressed. Yes, they can develop a physical dependency – one that can be extremely painful when you stop taking them – but to become psychologically addicted, there has to be problems.

A good addiction treatment center can help a person work through those problems. And if there are no facilities available in the community in which someone lives, they can go elsewhere. Drug Rehab Referral helps people find a facility that works for their situation.

Think Twice About Prescription Drug Addiction Before Filling that Prescription

It’s amazing how many people fall into prescription drug addiction because of a medical situation.

Here’s the story of Mykel Hunter, 19-year-old girl who started using painkillers when she was 10 because she had kidney stones. She was in and out of medical treatment for 7 years, but at age 13 she started taking more painkillers than were prescribed. She’s 19 now, trying to quit, but still taking things one day at a time.

Where were her doctors!? They were there to get her on the drugs but seem to have disappeared when it came to getting off them. Getting off opiates by yourself is just about impossible – especially when you’re taking as many as she was.

And why weren’t her doctors monitoring things closely enough to know she was taking more than prescribed?

A lot of people are in this situation – it is so easy to get addicted to prescription painkillers. Doctors need to be more responsible when prescribing these drugs. And patients need to know all their options and the potential dangers so they can really make informed decisions about taking addictive drugs or not.

There are ways to get off these drugs – contact Drug Rehab Referral to find an addiction treatment center that’s right for your situation.

A Stint In An Addiction Treatment Center Works. What Are You Waiting for?

Tens of millions of parents, wives, husbands, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, are in a state of frustrated despair about the drug taking or drinking habits of a family member. And most of them think the person will never change. That may be true if you leave it up to them. But, for the most part, if they could do it on their own they would have quit already. Isn’t it time to take the bull by the horns and get them into an alcohol and drug addiction treatment center, no matter what it takes?

Really, you don’t have to live like that. An alcohol and drug addiction treatment center gets them off the drugs or alcohol, works with them to find the reasons they’re drinking or taking drugs, helps them resolve whatever those issues are, and works out the changes they need to make in their lives so they can stay sober. And it actually works! It’s not a hopeless situation.

The state of New York is currently running a new campaign to get people to quit drinking and taking drugs. They have a website with alcohol and drug recovery stories – stories of parents who got their kids back, or long-term addicts who’ve served jail time and, after getting help through an addiction treatment center are now, and have been for years, up-standing members of their community. Read the stories – you’ll see that it is possible.

There are some things in life we have little control over – but alcohol and drug abuse in the family is not one of them. Get your family member through alcohol rehab or a drug addiction program and it will change their lives, and yours.

Will Keg Restrictions in College Reduce Student Alcoholism?

If you’ve ever been to a cbinge drinkingollege football game, a frat party, prom party, or anything similar, you won’t notice too many beer cans or bottles around. Why? They buy it in kegs – a keg holds 15.5 gallons – the equivalent of 165 12-oz. cans of beer. And if they buy domestic beer, it will only cost them about $40, plus a not-too-expensive refundable deposit on the keg itself. Is it any wonder why we have so many young alcoholics checking into alcohol rehab Read more

Alcohol Rehab Works for Someone Who Drinks to Get Drunk

Last week I wrote a blog about people being unaware of why they drink – like the young man who’s only explanation was “I like a few beers when I get home from a day at work.” They know, really, that they shouldn’t drink as much as they do but they never look at why they’re drinking so much. They’ll look at that, and discover the reasons why, if they go to alcohol rehab. But it’s not likely without it.

I recently ran across a disturbing statistic about this unawareness from the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI at – 48% of college drinkers report that “drinking to get drunk” is an important reason for drinking.

Tha certainly explains why you don’t get anywhere when you ask them why they don’t just have one or two drinks and leave it at that – an experience I’m sure 99% of those who have a heavy drinker in the family have had.

What purpose does getting drunk serve? It’s way beyond ‘social drinking’ at that point. They want to reach oblivion – reach the point where they are semi-conscious (or unconscious.) Only then do whatever demons they’re fighting move into the shadows.

That’s why the expertise of an experienced drug counselor who can get an answer to the obvious next question – why do you want to get drunk? – is so vital. Until the drinker knows the answer to that question, he’s not going to be able to resolve the drinking problem.

And that’s why you need to address the problem in an addiction treatment center. Give us a call to find out more today.

Florida’s Prescription Drug Addiction – Painkillers are Epidemic

If you’re living in Florida and have a friend or family member with a prescription drug addiction or abuse problem – even if they got the pills from a doctor – it’s no surprise to us. It would be difficult to find an addiction treatment center that is not currently helping a fairly large number of people who are trying to get off them.

Florida has been called ‘the pill state’ for a few years now. Recently it was reported that Broward County, home to Fort Lauderdale, has so many pain clinics popping up that it’s now being called the painkiller capital of the United States. The population is about 1.8 million and the pain clinics alone prescribed about 6.5 million painkillers in the last half of 2008.

Florida doesn’t have a prescription drug monitoring program so no one is really watching over what’s happening to these patients other than the doctors at the pain clinics and, since their specialty is managing pain – i.e. controlling the symptoms with drugs instead of offering treatment that could get rid of the underlying problem – depending on them to make sure the patient isn’t in trouble is a little like having Cinderella made a ward of her wicked stepmother.

And the residents of the county – as well as thousands of people who come from out of state to get painkillers, some even camping outside the doors of the county’s 85 pain clinics waiting for them to open – are paying for it. The coroner says deaths from prescription drug overdose have increased by 107% in the last two years and called the situation an epidemic of drug abuse. God only knows how many people are addicted – it’s hard to escape addiction with painkillers so the numbers have got to be big.

The brisk business of painkillers in Broward County is also servicing other states. The total number of oxycodone pills handed out by just 45 doctors – who the DEA says they ‘hate’ to call doctors because they’re just after the money – handed out 9 million oxycodone pills (they could be OxyContin, vicodin, percocet, and so on) in the last six months of 2008.

If you have a friend or family member who is in pain, do yourself and them a favor and find an alternative treatment. Prescription painkillers are highly addictive and getting them off the pills once they’ve started is tough. If they’re already using them, find an addiction treatment center that can help them. And remember one thing – if they say they can’t stop because they’re still in pain it’s possible that the painkillers themselves are causing it. Extended use of painkillers can do that.

Acupuncture Successful in Addiction Treatment Center

Anyone interested in non-drug, natural or alternative health care is very aware of the medical establishment’s resistance to these methods. But, nevertheless, many of them work and, unlike drugs, don’t make you sick in the process. One such example is the use of acupuncture in dealing with drug addiction.

One addiction treatment center, in a prison, treats 700 inmates every year – many of them hard core drug addicts who have tried other treatments without success.

Not only are the prisoners behind acupuncture, one decades-long heroin addict says nothing has worked as well. It’s also enthusiastically supported by a local judge who has sent many people “kicking and screaming” for acupunture treatment only to be thanked later. 

No one follows up on the addicts after their release, although it is known that some people stay drug-free.

One of the major hurdles for continued sobriety is probably that many of them don’t have health insurance to continue their treatment, or their coverage doesn’t include acupunture.

That’s where the medical establishment’s resistance comes in. If acupunture was accepted and its benefits acknowledged the insurance companies would follow.

Acupuncture has been a successful treatment method in Asia for centuries. The health care system in Japan, for example, which has its own style of acupuncture, is ranked (by the World Health Organization) as the 10th best in the world. The U.S. comes in at # 37. 

Acupunture is also very effective in the treatment of pain – instead, we favor painkillers, one of the biggest causes of prescription drug addiction.

There’s a lot more to handling a real drug addiction than acupuncture, and a good addiction treatment center offers all the other services necessary. Nevertheless, there’s no doubt that getting rid of medical prejudice against non-drug therapies like acupunture could help alleviate our drug problems.


OxyContin and Heroin Addiction Being Tackled in Massachussetts

Did you know that Massachussetts has an OxyContin and Heroin Commission? Notice how they lump those two drugs together? There’s a couple of reasons for that – first, OxyContin is basically legal heroin and, second, OxyContin can get really expensive.

If you’re not getting your pills from a doctor, in which case they’ll cost you a max of about $5 per pill, you’re going to pay about $60 a pill on the street. Very expensive. The alternative? Heroin. It’s cheaper by far, and can be a lot easier to get.

Heroin addiction used to be associated only with dark alleys and the most depraved of drug addicts. Now our kids are taking it. It’s common.

In Massachussetts heroin and OxyContin addiction and abuse are epidemic. And they’re getting worried about it. They want to put addiction treatment centers in place so addicts know they have someplace to go to get help.

Do you need help with heroin or OxyContin? Does someone in your family? Contact us – Drug Rehab Referral. We can help you find the right addiction treatment center for your situation.