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Does Buprenorphine Actually Get Rid of Addiction?

Buprenorphine, one of several drugs now commonly used to help get people off heroin and other opioids, does a lot to reduce the potential harm of drug addiction. But does it really change an addict into a non-addict? This is something you should carefully consider if you or someone you care about is looking into going to drug rehab, and want it to be successful. Read more

Taking Up Drums Could Prevent Mental Health Problems, Make You Smarter, and Keep You Off Drugs

If you, your children, other family members or friends are suffering from the set of symptoms known as ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and don’t view prescription drugs that are similar to cocaine, speed, and other dangerous and addictive street drugs as the solution, taking up the drums might be a better option.

It’s a bit of a mystery to me how one can justify giving Ritalin, which is legal cocaine, to children who tend to: Read more

Finally, a Medical School That Teaches Doctors How To Treat Pain without Opioids

I’ve heard it said that medical school students don’t learn how to truly address health problems, they just learn which drugs they’re supposed to use to control the symptoms. I know that’s not 100 percent true, but I’ve also witnessed my fair share of people with health problems that can be actually cured without drugs but for which the patients were given drugs to control the symptoms instead. One of the health problems that that applies to more than others is pain. Now it looks like this is actually being addressed where it needs to start – with medical school. Read more

Speed Sold on the Street vs. Ritalin and Adderall – Can You Tell Them Apart?

Amphetamine was first used to address asthma, nasal congestion and other respiratory problems. For the first several decades, it was sold over-the-counter. But as is common with pharmaceuticals, the drug industry looked for ways they could get control over the drug, and then looked for other things the drug could do so they could promote to other markets. Now we have millions of people addicted to ‘speed’ – most of it legal. Read more

Alternatives to Prescription Drug Addiction for Chronic Pain

According to a news story by Dr. Oz, 100 million Americans are coping with ‘nonstop’ pain. Unfortunately, the treatments of choice for most doctors are prescription painkillers. The problem with those painkillers – OxyContin, hydrododone, methadone and all other opiate-based painkillers – is that they’re highly addictive. Addiction is dangerous – it’s not unusual to land in the ER department of hospitals, or even in the morgue. To be safe, you need drug rehab. But without the drugs, what are you supposed to do about the pain? What your alternatives to prescription painkillers, addiction,, and all the dangers connected to it? Read more

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Do You Need Drug Detox, Drug Rehab, or Both?

Millions of addicts and alcoholics pour into alcohol or drug detox and rehab programs every year. But at least 50 percent of those people relapse and find themselves drinking or taking drugs once again. Sometimes they repeat this process several times. Although there are many reasons for relapse, whether one chooses detox or rehab can be a major factor.

What’s the Difference Between Detox and Rehab? Read more

What Drug Is Most Likely to Kill You If You Try to Quit?

Although it’s difficult to withdraw from a lot of drugs, some are much worse than others. But it may come as a surprise to you that the most dangerous withdrawal – it can literally kill you – is from alcohol. If someone you care about is a heavy drinker, or you suspect they might be, you should know the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal so you can make sure they get medical help. Read more

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Don’t Waste Time and Money Doing a Drug Rehab Program That Doesn’t Work

It’s no secret to people in the healthcare field, and to many of the general public, that our medical treatment is more often than not dictated by insurance companies and the pharmaceutical industry. Diagnosis and treatment is the job of doctors who are trained and experienced in medicine and understand our specific health conditions and our personal cases and living situations. I knew all about insurance and big pharma too but, until recently, I didn’t realize how much influence insurance companies have had on setting what has become the standard protocols – including those for drug rehab programs. However, neither the insurance or big pharma protocols really work, and neither are the type of drug rehab program you want to use for yourself or a loved one. Read more

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Short Term Drug Rehab Has Higher Relapse Rates

Have you or has someone in your family been to alcohol or drug rehab more than once? One of the major reasons for relapse is that many drug rehab programs just aren’t long enough. It’s enough to simply get the person off drugs, or off alcohol, and feeling a lot better physically. And that’s what short-term drug rehab programs do – that’s all they have time to do. Long-term residential drug rehab is a totally different story. And here’s why you need it for success.

Read more

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Why Don’t More People Get OxyContin Rehab?

I’ve met many people who take OxyContin and similar painkillers but who are still in pain. Why are they willing to risk addiction and possibly fatal overdose for something that doesn’t get the results they need? Because they think they don’t have other solutions. But, they do.

And here is one that you might not know about: Read more