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Alcohol Rehab Can Stop Underage Drinking

underage drinkingThe Acting U.S. Surgeon General has just announced a call to action to stop underage drinking in the state of North Dakota. A recent article reports that even though the state’s under age drinking statistics have decreased by 6 percent, there is still a lot of work to do to improve the statistic further and prevent future problems. The state has not released the details of their plans, but we hope it includes drug education for those who aren’t already drinking and alcohol rehab for those who are.

One other statistic of note: although underage drinking in North Dakota is down, the state has the highest number of underage drinking incidents in the country. According to the National Survey On Drug Use and Health, over 42 percent of kids under 21 reported that they drink alcohol. And 32 percent have engaged in binge drinking.

One thing is certain: if North Dakota doesn’t get underage drinking under control they will see a rise in alcohol rehab admissions, and their drug problem will also probably accelerate.

Details of the plan will be released later this week but, judging by the number of kids involved in underage drinking, a successful alcohol rehab program should be at the top of the list.