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About Drug Rehab Referral

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Drug Rehab Referral service was started by a father whose own personal experience with his kids and their problems with drugs led to him to help others find the assistance they need. Over the years he found many people dedicated to helping people find treatment and decided to start this site to bring them all together to help you. We know from personal experience and our years of working in this field how disruptive drugs and alcohol can be to the lives of everyone concerned.

We’ve heard thousands of stories, and thousands of successes. We really care about getting you the help you need.

Whether you’re addicted yourself, or are the parent, spouse, child or friend of a person in need, we want to help you get your life back. And we can.

How do we do that? By helping you find the best treatment facilities and methods for your situation.

How Do We know Which Treatment Facilities and Methods Are Best?

There are literally thousands of treatment facilities in the U.S. For someone who is not an expert in the area of drug and alcohol addiction and rehabilitation, it is almost impossible to figure out which center or treatment method is best for their situation.

With this drug rehab referral service website, we try to educate you so you know more about drug and alcohol problems, how to recognize when someone needs help, what kind of help they might need, and how to get them to get that help.

We understand how overwhelming the situation is and how difficult it is to navigate the maze of information to get help. Call today and speak to an admissions counselor to help you find what you are looking for.

That’s why we’re here. You need someone to talk to that can give unbiased information about what your choices are and how to take the next step. Call Today!

What Kinds of Drug and Alcohol Problems Can We Help With?

We help find solutions for alcohol and all kinds of drug problem:

At drug rehab referral service, we want to make sure everyone gets help – no matter what their problem, their financial status, and what they do in life.

Our offices are located in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, and we service people all over the U.S with treatment options all over the US.

If you are a loved one is looking for help call us, we listen to your situation, ask questions, and give our recommendations.

Call us now at 855-895-2090 to find out how we can help.