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They Won’t Get Help? Use Drug and Alcohol Intervention

  • Have you tried to get your son, daughter, husband, wife or another person you care about to get help with alcohol or drugs?
  • Do they say they’ll stop drinking or taking drugs, but then they don’t?
  • Are you worried, frustrated and at your wits’ end?
  • Are you frightened about what will happen next?

Before you give up, find out about drug and alcohol intervention.

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It’s not too late to get your life back, and you may save theirs.

Why Are Addiction Interventions Needed for Someone to Get Help?

It’s difficult for people who have never been addicted to something to understand addiction. The hold drugs or alcohol can have on someone usually has more influence on them than anything else.

They could be ruining their life, and maybe even ruining yours.

It makes you wonder if they care about themselves or care about you. They just won’t stop – some of them won’t even admit they have a problem!

But that’s exactly what an addiction is – something that you can’t stop, no matter how much you want to and no matter how much it’s hurting you or someone you care about.

Is someone you care about an alcoholic? Intervention may be the answer.

Is someone you care about involved in drug abuse? Intervention may be the answer.

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Someone on Drugs and Alcohol Does Want Help

The fact that they can’t stop doesn’t mean that they don’t care about themselves or you. And when they tell you, over and over again, that they want to stop and that they will stop, they mean it. But, really, they just can’t do it on their own.

They may even have tried. But the physical pain and emotional and mental discomfort they experience is so strong that they literally feel like they might die. It’s not pleasant.

So, they make an attempt and then finally take a drink or take their drugs to stop that pain. They also have other problems in life – which is why they’re drinking or taking drugs in the first place. If they don’t see a way out of those problems, that will also keep them from quitting.

A good intervention can help them through that crucial step of getting started on the right road by agreeing to go to alcohol or drug rehab for addiction treatment. Then, when they’ve agreed, the interventionist helps you get them started immediately.

Things will not get better until the person has gotten the help they need.

The situation will get worse and worse, and the longer they wait, the more difficult it will be to get them to get help, and the more danger they are in.

Get them to get the help they need NOW.

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We’ll listen to your situation, let you know if drug or alcohol intervention is necessary,
and if it is, we’ll help you get it set up.