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Drug And Alcohol Detox Is The First Step Towards Saving A Life

Is this happening to you…?

  • You’re having a tough time getting someone you care about to stop taking drugs or drinking.
  • Someone close to you, a teenaged child or sibling or spouse, is at risk of serious consequences – getting expelled, losing their job, going to jail, or suffering a dangerous overdose.
  • Bottom line? You need help getting someone you care for into a drug or alcohol detox program.

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Drug and Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms Scare Addicts Away From Detox

As you may know, people who are dependent on drugs or alcohol can’t just stop when they want to. They’ve probably tried lots of times, and they know they will suffer terrible aches and pains and sickness and depression – the list of withdrawal symptoms is almost endless. Many people don’t realize, though, that withdrawal can be more than uncomfortable, it can be physically dangerous.

For example, alcohol detox withdrawal symptoms are devastatingly uncomfortable. But alcohol withdrawal can be very dangerous, because it can lead to organ failure and death. Recovering alcoholics say that if you haven’t traveled down that road yourself, you can’t even imagine how scary it is. Alcohol detox really needs to be medically managed, especially for long-time or heavy drinkers.

Drug addiction detox comes with the same scary scenario. Each drug has its own set of miserable withdrawal symptoms. And like alcohol withdrawals, drugs also can be physically dangerous as well as painful to withdraw from.

Experience has shown that the it’s these withdrawal symptoms that keep most addicts running scared from detox. So what you’re looking for is a drug or alcohol detox treatment that minimizes withdrawal symptoms.

A good medical detox center offers a treatment program that significantly reduces, or even eliminates, many withdrawal symptoms. And round-the-clock medical care keeps patients safe. These are the kind of facts you can tell that person you’re worried about.

Please don’t wait for the accident, the arrest or

the overdose to happen to take action.

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All You Really Need to Know About Drug and Alcohol Detoxification

You want to help someone make that big decision to enter a drug or alcohol detox program. You can do that, and you really need to understand only a couple of important things:

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