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One in Four College Kids Need Alcohol and Drug Rehab

Finally, the problem of alcohol abuse, drug abuse and addiction in colleges has become the focus of White House Drug Control strategy. I don’t know if it will work – the War on Drugs hasn’t been any big success – but at least it will probably make parents and college kids aware of the problem. And it will lead to more college kids getting into and alcohol or drug rehab program.

Did you know, for example, that …

  • More than one in five kids who drop out of college do so because of something related to alcohol?
  • Each year there are nearly 2,000 college students die from alcohol-related incidents?
  • Over 600,000 college students are unintentionally injured due to alcohol?
  • One in four people aged 18 through 34 binge drink – five drinks or more in one sitting?
  • Alcohol is involved in 90% of college rapes?
  • 70% of college kids say they had unplanned sex because of alcohol and that 20% did not use protection?
  • 22.9% of college students meet the medical definition for alcohol or drug abuse or dependence. The rest of the population averages 8.5%.
  • That the number of kids using prescription painkillers like OxyContin and Percocet non-medically is rising dramatically?
  • That more than 20% of college kids use Adderall as a study drug or to party?
  • That 90% of the students who use Adderall also binge drink and are heavy drinkers?
  • That full-time college students who use Adderall are 3 times more likely to use marijuana, 8 times more likely to use cocaine, 8 times more likely to use tranquilizers, and 5 times more likely to use pain relievers?

This is pretty serious stuff – and not at all what parents had in mind when they sent their kids off to college with the money the family had been saving for years.

These kids aren’t just having a good time – they are doing things that are very dangerous.

If you have a son or daughter that’s drinking or taking drugs, don’t take it lightly. It’s easy to think that something bad won’t happen to your kid, or that your kid’s drinking or drug taking won’t get worse – some parents even think that going to college will straighten them out. But, statistically, that’s just not true. Get them through a drug rehab program – they also address alcohol – before they go to college. A good program will help them resist the temptation when college comes around.

And, remember, 25% of college students say that drinking alcohol has adversely affected their performance as a student. Don’t be afraid to take your college kid out of college for a while to sort them out. They have far more chance of getting the education and having the future both they and you envisioned.

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