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Marijuana Laced with Crack Cocaine

I wrote a post not too long ago about the dangers of marijuana and received a few comments about how ignorant I am and calling me names you wouldn’t really want to publish.

One of the things I talked about was marijuana being laced with other drugs. That, too, was considered ignorant.

Since I’ve been around for a while and have endeniable proof that’s the case, the comments didn’t really bother me.

In the news today is a warning from police about marijuana laced with crack cocaine.  In England, the mixture is known as Mach5 and, according to the police who’ve been busting people with the stuff, this combination is used so the marijuana is more addictive and dangerous.

That’s the kind of people most drug dealers are, actually. They make their living from people coming back for more on a regular basis, not from the occasional user, and they’ll go to great lengths to accomplish that. If they can get the user to come back every day or start buying larger amounts, they make more money.

It’s the same with many industries. They depend on repeat business to keep going. Big Pharma’s a good example. They lie, cheat, steal and would probably kill their grandmother to turn more people onto prescription drug addiction.

Drug dealers also get referrals from repeat customers. Another important avenue to business growth. People who get a more dramatic high from one guy’s marijuana than another’s are going to tell their friends about it, and their friends wil switch suppliers.

Not everyone who sells marijuana is some laid back guy who just happens to sell some to an occasional friend who comes to the house to kick back.  They’re business people. They’re in it for the money.

Some don’t even take drugs themselves – they’re just looking for a way to make money and don’t really care who they hurt doing it, whose lives are ruined, or who ends up in an addiction treatment center.

Again, don’t take smoking marijuana lightly. Remember, when someone buys marijuana, they’re not doing business with a pillar of the community. They’re doing business with a criminal. They’ve chosen a path in life that is anti-social. Is that really someone you want to trust?

3 comments on “Marijuana Laced with Crack Cocaine
  1. sandra on said:

    i have an uncle who has been smoking marijuana for years and i recently found out that it was laced with a secondary drug. his son who one day tried to smoke the joint he had resting in his astray as he normally does but when his son lit the joint he explained that his entire mouth went numb and he felt so high, his cheeks begat to shake uncontrollaby. he explained to me that it was almost a nice feeling but it was very scary as he never felt like this before. we haven’t confronted my uncle about this as we are still trying to figure out what the marijuana was laced with. can you advise us of the type of drug. also he drinks red wine alcohol more frequently and starts to drink from 8am and around 6;00pm the bottle is finished. we see this habit of alcohol increase tremendously over the past year. i think my uncle has been lacing his joints for years periodically and now he looks terribly skinny, doesn’t eat much, has lost a tremendous amount of weight, doesn’t leave the house for days at a time. he has changed over the past year to a man i don’t know any more. how can we help or confront him with our concerns and if we do will he hide his addiction, feel depressed and use a harder drug due to embarrassement. help us if you can with advice and your opinion.

  2. Sounds like the joint was with coke or crack cocaine. No i dont do it and never have done i just no its a local anesetic and so could’ve caused the numb feeling in your friends mouth. That would also explain the dramtic high.

  3. Ralph on said:

    i was just wondering where your sources are im trying to write a paper on how common it is to find “harder” illicit drugs in marijuana.

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